Awesome! Rustic Beauty In An Inner-City Apartment

Awesome! Rustic Beauty In An Inner-City Apartment

Describing an condo as “rustic” often inspires images of wooden cabins, lodges and otter dams out of doors. How can you're taking the serenity and heat of a timber cabin, and inject it into an inner-town apartment? This fashionable design through Anton Medvedec shows how a country, wood-panelled layout can look both fashionable and present day. using excessive, complete-length timber panels and flooring with warm okaytones, this rental yokes serenity and simplicity together in several seamless space transitions. Slatted walls and white-walling add a sense of the industrial, and narrow-line touches beauty. Marble tiling and smooth furnishings upload a present day experience, even as star Wars figurines provide cheek to a absolutely luscious residing area.

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